Speech by George Seferis in receipt of the Award ceremony

Nobel Prize for Literature, 1963 11 Dekemvriou

Before you speak, listen.
Before you write, think.
Before you hurt, Feel.
Before hated, loved.
Before you quit, try.
But before he died, lived !

“A niko I n one small country” (Speech of George Seferis)

For months Greece is the Praetorium. Mocked and Katasykofanteitai. Shameless Money Changers to play craps. Offend people, questioning the history and Culture. Any newspaper and open it, we have classified to “junk.” We consider a redundant weight, which
Oloitheloun be released, but do not yet know how.
Well, Greece is not for the trash!
We are not corrupt and lazy Greeks. Chavaledes were for a long time. We put the autopilot. A poor people who seen plenty and drifted because he thought he would hold for everything. Believe and “fake big words’ some unscrupulous politicians. In fact there are probably in Greece less corrupt and lazy than in many other countries.
And now it is time to account. It’s a difficult time, but not Came the end.
But, fortunately still in Greece, 15% of the population does not live with coupons.
Fortunately, even in Greece, Greek children each have free access to > University.
Fortunately, even in Greece have one, albeit incomplete, but we have health care.
Fortunately, even in Greece have a state that has a large Fortune. Others have nothing. We see and Xeroglyfontai.
Fortunately, even in Greece parents help their children and those their parents.
Fortunately, the small and poor Greece was not absent from any major Battle for freedom. And gave it ‘, when others had already delivered and soul and spirit.
Luckily still, Greece has a future.
I saw those girls National Team Pole climb in Olympus, into the ‘Dragon’s Nest’, and I said, that we missed Hope. There is still the metal of the winner.
Greece has a future, because in the long history of every great defeat and destruction, rather than destroy, to resurrect!
Why am I writing this? Called me some “friends” from abroad and nekrologousan us ….! It is from crows have bet in our bankruptcy and worried and lose their money! And hurry! So very angry that I hung up. Following them I sent the following text ….

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