Managing “the Achilles Project”

By Professor / President The Achilles Foundation
Florida USA- Email:

Project Scope & strategic plan

June 2012

“The Achilles Project”, to research, plan for, excavate, preserve, and develop Homeric Phthia which analysis of ancient writings and onsite research have identified to be located at Pharsala, Greece, province of Thessaly, homeland of the legendary hero Achilles and his father Peleus, has now become a reality.

After 10 years preliminary research and coordination , 2001 to 2011, the mayor of Pharsala, Aristomenis Karachalios, in July 2011 granted to “the Achilles Foundation” for a period of up to 20 years, 2012 to 2032, a building in Pharsala at Thetidos 80 Street to be used for accommodations and a “Research and Education Center”. Unfortunately in March this year, due to deteriorating economic conditions in Greece and austerity measures imposed by the European Union with subsequent financial and political constraints, it was necessary for the mayor to suspend the granting at this time. A n upper floor apartment in the “Kastro” building nearby on Larisa Street has been provided as an alternative with possible use also for cultural displays. While Center for Greek Studies, University of Florida, has this year processed applications through the American School of Classical Studies in Athens and has received permits from the Greek Ministry of Culture to proceed with our project. Phase I began this summer in Pharsala. This document is designed to provide a framework for managing the project and achieving those strategic goals and objectives vital to its success. It represents a blueprint for change and while focusing on historic and archaeological requirements is also intended to provide a sound basis for economic development of the region and improvement in the quality of life.

This plan has been prepared by the President of The Achilles Foundation. It identifies the projected details of the “Project Scope and Stratigic Plan”, four five-year phases intended to provide a cohesive framework for the achievement of the goals and objectives of “The Achilles Project”.

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