informal conference next summer 2014 to be held in Lamia


Μήνυμα από τις ΗΠΑ,του καθηγητή Δημήτρη Μπριάνα, Πρόεδρο του Achilles Foundation

With our friends at Lamia and the Sperchiou, and from America to Greece we took positive steps forward when we established our informal group, “The Council of Achilles.” We first met at Lamia, Agios Loukas Café, on 22 June 2011. In my last letter to you of 28 February 2013 I mentioned the Council provides an opportunity for us to partner on our work for Achilles. We are highly motivated but bureaucratic difficulties, as you know, continue whether at Pharsala to the north of the ancient province of Thessalia or to the south at Lamia. I propose that our Council conduct an informal conference next summer 2014 to be held in Lamia and to discuss


For the first time to gather people together who have a deep interest in Achilles and discuss the many issues facing us from historical and archaeological to tourism and bureaucracy plus current activities relating to Achilles taking place throughout his Kingdom. The time is now. We have good people: Ioannis Makris, Takis Euthimiou, Niko Kontogiannis, Euthimios Adamis, and possibly Christos Galanis, Basili Kanellos and more to help organize the event and invite all those interested, from scholars to local farmers. To post this daily on your newsletter to create awareness and help gather those interested would be very important. The first day could be speeches and the second open, roundtable discussions and future plans. Lamia can become a key central meeting point for scholars and citizens interested in honoring and promoting the legacy of Achilles. I continue to say, we have waited a long time – 3250 years. The opportunity is here. We must grab it.

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